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Please feel free to contact me about my prices as well as custom work for your project. I am looking forward to working with you.

If You Help We Will Help You

If You Help We Will Help You
First Print Currently For Sale $200

Let Spirit Lead

Let Spirit Lead
First Printing Currently for sale for $350

About the Artist

Littlel lightening bolt (LLB to many) is an animist and has been teaching about animism for many years. His work is inspired by the visions he has seen through shamanic healing work and hopes to show through his work a glimpse of spirit in the animist world. LLB views his work as the visual version of a DJs digital remix...

LLB has seen that there are transpersonal relational dynamics involved in nature that we can sense and participate in fully aware, LLB's goal to to bring awareness of that to those aspects of the whole that have not yet awakened to the possibility, and to encourage those that have to continue on.

If you are interested in showing some of his work, or buying a print, or require him to co-create with you on some projects please drop him an email at

All Images on this site are copy righted and not to be used without permission by the artist unless he dies... then its ok...

A note on visionary art...

In general visionary art seems to focus on specific phenomena that is in my opinion only one spectrum of the visionary experience. It has become in some ways slightly trite, day glow alien landscapes, angelic guides and ecological elves. In my work I like to focus some on the shadow. In participating in shamanic healing work we often come across in our visionary experiences that which some perceive as dark, difficult material, wrathful energies and beings, disturbing symbolism and metaphor. Remembering that it is the light that casts shadows and as always attempting to, as the Nepalese shamans do, keep my back to the shamanic fire, the light is consistently protecting my back while projecting my shadow ahead of me. I do this so that I can consistently work with the shadow material to benefit others. At times this work is successful to such a degree that I become transparent and the light of this fire shines through to the point where there is no shadow at all. This is often quite temporary... My hope is to inspire a commitment to this healing work in others, so that the light at their back can at times, when it is needed most shine through them as well.
Bless and be blessed


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